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Stencil Printing Process Tools for Miniaturisation and High Yield Processing

Miniaturisation raises a number of issues for the stencil printing process. How small can we print? What are the tightest pitches? Can we print small deposits next too large for high mix technology assemblies?...

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New Cell Designs Drive PV Paste Innovations

As later-stage PV cell manufacturing processes, metallization and firing tend to see some aspects of their evolution occur based on changes introduced in earlier manufacturing steps. Other process improvements begin within the metallization step itself and, increasingly, involve efforts to reduce the usage of costly silver.

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Your Business is What Drives Us

For decades, DEK has enabled robust automotive electronics manufacture through the assurance of state-of-the-art printing processes. We count some of the world’s most well-known automotive companies as our customers and it is their success that drives us to innovate advanced technologies....

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